The practice store provides the latest medical supplies and equipment to all of our patients. The store is our way of making sure that our patients have not only the best care but the best medical products necessary to carry out our treatment recommended by our physicians. This gives our patients the confidence that they are using the right medical product for the right purpose. Not only do we provide top products to our patients but our store is open to the public. We provide some hard to get products that are not available in local stores. In our stores we provide products like a variety of top line inserts, orthopedic shoe for diabetic and non-diabetic, diabetic socks, compression stockings, topical pain relief gels, moisturizers, a variety of topical fungal medication only found in doctors offices, wart medications, medical ice pack for the foot, Custom orthotics. Cam walkers, Heel lifts, Toe pads, bunion shields, Hammer toe pads, Tube foam padding for the toe, Metatarsal pads, long and short Shoe horns, silicone toe caps for hammer toes, and a variety of toe spacers. What we don't carry in our stores we can place a special order and get the product.

Call today for more information on how you can purchase foot and ankle health care items.