Childrens Feet

We see children on a regular basis at Franklin Foot Care. Reasons for their visits include a range from genetic issues at birth to issues with activity levels. Your child’s foot is smaller, and since the growth plates are still open, they are more flexible and are still in the developing stages. A child’s foot stops developing between the ages of 13 to 15. When this happens the last plate in the heel, which is the growth plate, has developed. The rest of the metatarsals occur at different stages, but they are by the teen years.

Children’s foot care is similar to adult foot care, but the difference is that we have to take into consideration that there is pain just from growth. However, when a child complains about pain it is a lot more severe than when an adult appears with pain. Children do not usually sit still long enough unless they are in a great amount of pain. At Franklin Foot Care, we have to be more aggressive with the treatment of children in pain.  If problems are not quickly resolved, the pain can develop pretty fast and can create long-term effects. Symptoms in children can include pain in the arches, heels or toes.

Common Conditions Seen in Children’s Feet

  • Pes plantis (flat feet)
  • Juvenile apophysitis
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Paronychia
  • Traumas
  • Heel pain
  • Plantar fasciitis

Call our office to schedule an appointment if your child’s foot is extremely sensitive and painful. Also, if your child constantly experiences tired feet or falls and trips on a regular basis. Most children complain by saying that their feet are tired and they stop when the other kids are continuing to go on with the same amount of stress.

Footwear and Your Child

Wearing shoe gear with proper arch support can help prevent and also treat conditions in children’s feet. You want to buy foot wear that has a thick rubber sole with plenty of room in the toe box. The shoe should be supportive for your child’s foot and feel extremely comfortable when standing. There should not be any pressure on the child’s foot while wearing shoes.

Sports and Your Child

A lot of children play sports year round. Going from outdoor to indoor sports does play a role in your child’s feet. Since their growth plates are open giving them flexibility, your child’s foot can become inflamed and cause painful feet. If dealt with, or treated immediately, your child can be spared a lot of pain. The sooner we can address some of these issues in your child’s feet, the faster we can get them back involved in their favorite activities.

Treatment Methods

Treatment will depend on the complexity of the condition and the condition itself. Some common treatments we use to help with children’s foot conditions include foot strappings, icing, range of motion exercises and physical therapy.

Call Our Office

It is vital to have your child seen as soon as possible. A common condition, which can be dealt with quickly and easily once given attention, can develop into an extremely complicated and life affecting condition if not treated immediately. What are you waiting for? Call Franklin Foot Care today!